Explore the secret hideout in the stairwell and marvel at all the details of Circus Roberti and the Mouse Fair. Visit Grandpa Sailor at the harbor and explore the large warehouses, canals, quays, bridges, and boats. You've never seen so many bustling little mice all in one place! Come to the first floor and get up close to the impressive decors from the book 'The Museum.' Learn how to build your own Mouse Mansion at home; we'd love to show you how! Feeling inspired? Our entire range of books, cuddly toys, and craft supplies is available directly in the store.

A visit to the Mini Museum is a celebration of recognition for everyone. Of course, you can also purchase all the books, craft supplies, and little mice at the Mini Museum. A visit typically lasts 10 to 20 minutes, and no reservation is required.

The Mouse Mansion Mini Museum
Muntplein 8
1012 WR Amsterdam