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The Mouse Mansion is a world in itself, which is discovered by best friends Sam and Julia. It has more than one hundred mouse sized rooms full of houses, shops, streets and outside spaces. Every room has its own inhabitant, with a history, a personality and family ties. Tales of everyday life in The Mouse Mansion teach important lessons on craftmanship, inclusivity and community. Whether you are seeking entertainment, creativity or play - The Mouse Mansion is here for an uplifting, inspiring and fulfilling pastime!

Explore the Mouse Mansion world with best friends Sam and Julia acting as your guides. Let's go!



Sam and Julia take you to take a look at their secret spot underneath the stairs in the stairwell. Lots of active mice are running around. All food is stored in the Mouse Mansion attic. Visit with Sam’s grandmother, Sam’s aunt, little Sofie and Uncle Jan. Take a look around Grandpa Sailor's house at the top of the Mouse Mansion. Do you want to join Sam and Julia for some errands? They're going to the fishmongers, the bakery and Mr. Sinkel's. They'll meet you at the front door!

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Will you join Sam and Julia outside? In At The Theater Sam and Julia will take you to some special places in the Mouse Mansion world. The theatre with its red velvet stage curtains, the natural history museum, where Sam's father works and a hospital full of mouse doctors. Access to the factory underneath the Mouse Mansion is forbidden for little mouse children. So... Let's take a look!


Will you join the circus? Julia and her mum travel with the circus Roberti for a whole summer, and you're invited too! They're sleeping in a trailer, and work in a very large circustent, the register wagon and a kitchen wagon. Sam is staying home and has a sleepover with Ella, who lives next door. He visits with the pottery maker and his uncle. Let's go!


One day a carnival appears on the large townsquare behind the Mouse Mansion. My gosh, there is a rollercoaster so large it's on the same level as the third floor of the Mouse Mansion! Let's explore the carnival together. Be amazed by the ice cream booth, the candy shop, the haunted house, the sodabar and the bumper cars.


Sam and Julia are at school. In class they decide to go and visit with Grandpa Sailor in the mouse harbour that afternoon. They walk down the stairs, take a right at the bookshop, cross the bridge, walk out the alley and there it is: the mouse harbour. Warehouses, bridges, boats and cranes - there is so much to see here. Will you join Sam and Julia at the fishmongers, the wharf, the harbour master's office and the sailor's bar?



Explore the Museum! In part 6 of the Mouse Mansion series, Sam and Julia take you to the Mouse Mansion museum, full of special rooms like the room with the pearl and the Egyptian room. Sam and Julia get to accompany the rag-and-bone man to browse around the flea market because there's always something beautiful to find there. Sam discovers a very old book, and Julia finds a mysterious little chest. They seem like treasures! Perhaps they can learn more about the flea market items at the museum.


Discover all the stories about best friends Sam and Julia in the Mouse Mansion book series. Our books have been translated into 27 languages. Isn't it amazing that children in 33 countries can read about Sam and Julia in their own language? Children from age 3 can start collecting Mouse Mansion books that will continue to grow with them for years to come. The older they become, the more details they will discover in both the stories and the pictures. Little Mouse Mansion fans will enjoy them for years and years. And frankly, adults seem perfectly happy to wander around the Mouse Mansion world as well.